Beep, beep, cheep, cheep.

Talking about chicks . . . How about this one? The offspring of what is known colloquially as Turbo Chicks this sure-footed youngster is a baby Tasmanian Native Hen.

You only see them in Tasmania as they became extinct on the mainland with the arrival of the dingo and if there was no other reason to come to Tassie, these birds would be it.

tasmanian native hen and chickThey can’t fly, but their lack of avian prowess is more than made up for with by their land speed. And even at this young age they can run like Usain Bolt!

During the mating season the birds can be seen chasing each other over the hills and dales like road-runners and at night when the real mating starts the noise can be really sleep-depriving. The hens sure enjoy a good roostering.

I encountered this family of mum, dad and four chicks at Adventure Bay on the east side of south Bruny yesterday. Capturing them was a work of art because the parenting skills of the adults matched that of the masked lapwings of previous posts.

If you click the smaller image you will get a good view of mum, chick and a wallaby observer.

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