Lapchicks survive to squawk another day

lapwing_chickOne month on and a lot has changed in lapwing country. Two of the original four chicks have survived and are acting like typical adolescents. The above image is one of them, now nearly as big as their parents.

The ‘take cover’ squawking of the parents is endless, but now the chicks act with indifference to the parental warnings and continue wrenching worms out of the ground.

I’m not sure if they have taken to the wing yet, but I have seen some young lapwings flying awkwardly and for a lapwing that sort of flying is either adolescent or anathema.

Our little world in Lunawanna is abundant with chicks of all sorts at the moment, demanding food from daybreak to dusk.
beautiful-firetail3This fluffy beautiful firetail chick was groomed fastidiously by a parent bird. I took these images in the bush near our home shortly before Christmas and turned one into a Christmas card for some select friends.

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