Was it love that was in the air?

Last week while driving back to Lunawanna from Adventure Bay I glimpsed two wedge-tailed eagles flying low near the turnoff between the two locations.

As I pulled into a lay-off I realised there were actually two pairs and maybe even a fifth bird involved in an aerial display that involved the occasional clash of those terrible talons with which the raptors are armed.

The two pairs continually circled each other and occasionally one would fold its wings as though entering one of those wedgie dives that once you have seen you’ll never forget.

The courtship or battle went on for about half a hour interspersed with occasional intervals in trees from where they called back and forth.

It all made for some interesting images, although at the limit of my lens.

Being a member of the Australian Bird ID facebook page I decided to throw up a few images and ask if anybody knew what was happening.

Well, the images received hundreds of likes and ignited a debate about love and war. In the end everybody admitted they were only guessing, but it was an interesting discussion.

What do you reckon?


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